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Powershell: SkipAsSource Flag

Finally ran into an issue where the removal of the primary ip address after Server 2003 caused an issue. Since if you have a multihomed nic the routing table will be set to use the closest IP address to the gateway as the source interface. Here is a fix from  James Kehr to run on your server to set an ip address to be the "Primary" ie Source. I did edit his script by putting a menu and removing the need to put a interface alias. This should only work with 2012 and above with powershell 3.0 and above. For other OS check the heyscriptingguy link. KB969029 Thank you James Kehr # set some constants clear Import-Module NetTCPIP Get-NetIPAddress | Where {$_.PrefixOrigin -eq "Manual"} | select IPaddress,InterfaceAlias,SkipasSource | format-table $primaryIP = Read-Host "Which ip address should be set as primary?" $Alias = Get-NetIPAddr