Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LUA Buglight 2.0

LUA Buglight is a utility that helps identify "LUA bugs" in applications -- application features that that fail as standard user but that work as administrator. I work on it in my spare time, so progress has been slow. Attached to this blog post is the second preview version of LUA Buglight 2.0.

Main changes since the previous preview:

Single executable: all the helper DLLs, EXEs, etc., are self-extracted to your temp folder when you run the program. No need to copy lots of files around.
For Vista: the helper program that requires elevation is now signed, so you get the nicer elevation prompt. The driver file for Vista is signed as well, so startup is much faster.
Explicit check for x86 -- sorry, the current version cannot be used on 64-bit versions of Windows.
Various bug fixes.
Some of the improvements of LUA Buglight 2.0 over 1.0:

Much better Vista support
Streamlined UI and improved flow
Identifies more bugs
On XP, not restricted to using a local admin account to create the "this-user-as-admin" context
On Vista, prompts for elevation just one time per session instead of for each test
Log file names autogenerated with timestamp in the name to avoid accidental overwrite of previous logs.
User options saved to the registry.