Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Disable Solidcore

Running solidcore you may run into a problem where you have to disable it with out using epo or the local CLI

Here are the steps.

Step 1.
Boot computer into Safe Mode(Press F5 before windows boot screen)
Step 2.
Open Registry (Start->Run->regedit)
Step 3.
Navigate to:
Step 4.
Double-click DWORD RTEMode and change value to 0
Double-click DWORD RTEModeOnReboot and change value to 0

Reboot the computer and the agent should now be disabled.
Doing this will send out alerts to the central server.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Excel document for pinging list of computers VBA

Here is an excel document I created that will ping a list of nodes in column A and give results in column B. There are much better tools that can be used such as angry ip scanner http://www.angryip.org/w/Home. I just wrote this as an example

Tested with Office 2010