Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sophos and Netapp

So for the past few weeks I have had a case open with Netapp about any time a disk is formatted with windows it reaches 100% then the entire OS becomes unstable. .. This happens on both a physical box and a virtual box.

After a week of testing looking for issues I decide to create a new virtual while they look at logs. One by one I install 3rd party applications and end up on Sophos Antivirus. It seems a part of Sophos call "Data Control" when enable causes this issue to happen. When disable formating the lun works correctly.. So Data Control may need to be disabled in Sophos to properly format a disk till either netapp or sophos gets back to me if the issue is even related to them.. .

Uninstalled Backup Exec 12.5 -

So after years of issues with Symantec Backup Exec I decided to uninstall it and use another sbs and found it in Backup Assist great for a small shop.

Well my first test was with ntbackup to ensure at least at the windows level backup were still working. To my shocking amazement a "Required Media Missing Error" returned. There is no free media available with the selected type. Add unused media or click Cancel to end the operation. Little searching around on microsoft.com produced this:


Using Method 2 corrected the issue
rsm view /tlibrary

Off-line Media
IBM ULTRIUM-TD3 SCSI Sequential Device

start /wait rsm.exe refresh /lf"IBM ULTRIUM-TD3 SCSI Sequential Device"

After running this command the volume copy service isn't functioning correctly so a reboot of the server should correct it.