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VBS script - List out all domain groups with users

This is a little VBS script I pieced together back in 2007. Its purpose is to connect to Active Directory and list out all domain groups and their users into a nice CSV file. If you have proper permissions on the domain just double click and it will save a csv file to c:\groupswithusers.csv. Purpose: List out all domain groups with users Note: There could be an issue listing out Domain Users group that I never fixed. 'Tony Unger Nov 2007 'if you have questions, i may or may not be able to answer them 'This script returns all the groups with their members in this format '"Group,Display name,Account Name,Group Scope,Group Type" 'I did it that way for easy import into excel 'Tested to work on '2000 Mixed mode '2000 Native Mode '2003 Mode 'It should auto find the domain it is ran from.. if not look for strDNSDomain and fill in your information 'This was pieced together from many sources but mainly 'http:/