Monday, May 7, 2012

Folder Permissions Audit

The purpose of this application is i needed a way to audit NTFS folder permissions on my file server, so instead of using one of the 3rd party programs available I wrote this one.

It contains a batch file for running the executable and a text file called exclude.txt for excluding certain user names from being added to the report. Just extract the zip to a folder and run the batch file you will be asked for the path(non-UNC at the moment)after the executable is done running the report will open in notepad. In the future I will have the report export to comma delimited format.

 Note there isn't any error checking really in this application so be sure to put the correct path (ex z:\temp) When using the exclude.txt be sure to place each username on its own line. This utility only goes one level down so if you are auditing c:\temp it will only audit the top level folders within c:\temp As with any program here use at your own risk. Link to files If you would like the source code leave a comment.