Monday, October 14, 2013

Powershell: Add NFS Exports to ESXi Hosts

Purpose:  Batch add all NFS exports to all ESXi hosts listed in $HostsToAddNFS variable.

#Add all ESXi Hosts names
$HostsToAddNFS = "hostname1","hostname2"

foreach ($Current_Host in $HostsToAddNFS )

connect-viserver $Current_Host
#add all NFS exports here
New-Datastore -Nfs -Name Volume1 -Path "/vol/volume1" -NfsHost x.x.x.x
New-Datastore -Nfs -Name Volume2 -Path "/vol/volume2" -NfsHost x.x.x.x


Monday, October 7, 2013

VMware: Change Load Balance Policy to IP Hash on ESXi Host Console

This command changes the vSwitch Load Balance Policy to iphash

esxcli network vswitch standard policy failover set -l iphash -v vSwitch0

This command changes the Port Group Management Network Load Balance Policy iphash

esxcli network vswitch standard portgroup policy failover set -p "Management Network" -l iphash